IPS – R & D – solder ball – solder sphere – solder powder

IPS – R & D – solder ball – solder sphere – solder powder – solder paste – solder cream – solder ball bga

R&D and innovation

Ips total dedication to R&D

IPS serves a very wide direct market base covering many end-applications in semiconductors as microprocessors, microcontrollers, memories, modules or wafers, as well as Printing Circuit Boards for the electronic assembly industry. All IPS customers are serving stringent automotive, telecom or consumer markets requiring manufacturing excellence and technical expertise in the field of soldering. Towards that perspective, IPS is selling technical solutions to answer various mechanical or climatic constraints, among them drop test, bend test, thermo cycling, high temperature storage, oxidation test and so on.

To achieve this level of excellence, IPS focuses its attention on three major topics :

Customer relationship

Each customer is different and requires particular attention and adaptation required by the end markets. To that perspective, IPS is committed to find technical solutions to meet all particular requirements. Also, IPS strong confidential policy, in addition to its vision towards a non-upward integration, guarantees its customers total transparency and trust, strengthened with time and common projects.

IPS – R & D – solder ball – solder sphere – solder powder

IPS technical experience has also been accompanied by local laboratories and universities that are very much involved in semiconductors and electronic assembly, giving access to adapted know-how in metallurgical and chemical fields with lots of flexibility and response time.