IPS Solder Spheres applications Solder Sphere application

IPS Solder Spheres applications Solder Sphere application


Solder products for semiconductor packaging

The Company expanded its presence in the electronic assembly industry by successfully entering the booming market of BGA (Ball Grid Array), CSP (Chip Scale Package) and wafer bumping application. These package types are replacing in-line packages like TSSOP's or QFP's, avoiding the use of peripheral pins (terminations), hence improving package size and product reliability.

Using its long time experience in Powders manufacturing, IPS applied a specific Solder Spheres patented ultrasonic technology from widely used metal atomizing processes. The latter allows the Company to deliver the quality and performance that are particularly suitable for the component assembly's most stringent constraints and processes.

Engineering teams dedicated to the Solder Sphere activity and a solid R&D background and metallurgical expertise in electronics soldering naturally drive IPS towards both process optimization and particularly well adapted customer support.

Moreover, IPS dedication to Solder Spheres results in important production capacity lines. Indeed, the company supports an extensive product portfolio in high volume which today obtains wide recognition at major OEM's and packaging assembly houses, worldwide. IPS manufacturing process has been audited and approved by several international companies that are leaders in BGA manufacturing.

IPS patented process has been designed specifically for Solder Spheres production and all steps are addressing BGA production processes and constraints. As a matter of fact, it offers a very high lot-to-lot consistency that allows our customer perfect reproducibility at competitive cost.