Solder Spheres


IPS produces solder sphere also called solder balls for BGA , CSP and wafer bumping applications. The technology used to produce soldering spheres ensures quality and performance that are particularly well suited to the most stringent component assembly processes and constraints. Engineering teams dedicated to Solder Spheres provide particularly well adapted technical expertise and customer support

Uniform metal composition Special surface treatment Highly spherical shape Controlled oxidation level In-house manufactoring process

IPS offers sizes ranging from 600µm to 100µm, depending on the alloy.

Please contact IPS sales department for more information.

SAC (SnAgCu) Sn95,5Ag4Cu0,5
SAC (+ Ni) Sn98,5Ag1Cu0,5ND
High lead alloys Sn10Pb90
Standard lead alloys Sn63Pb37
Lead free alloys Leaded alloys