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IPS first european solder powder manufacturer
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Founded in 1982, IPS is a company with genuine expertise in the production of solder powders and spheres for the electronics and semiconductor industries. IPS is one of the leading suppliers of Solder Powders to the largest Solder Pastes manufacturers and holds a very significant market share on the segment it serves.

Thanks to a strong culture of innovation and R&D, IPS offers high-quality products that meet the current and future needs of the electronics industry.

IPS is a fully independent company continuously developing its own unique production processes. In this field, IPS has constantly improved its technology, mastering alloy manufacturing, metal atomization and sorting techniques.

Headquartered in Annemasse, France, across the border from Geneva, the industrial complex includes several buildings accommodating the various production units, warehouses, R&D and administration.

Furthermore, IPS has increased its presence in Asia by establishing a second production site in Suzhou, China, to accompany the growing local demand. This state-of-the-art factory is aimed to serve the Chinese market as well as to enhance company competitiveness.

IPS is an ISO 9001 certified company and employs today around 50 people worldwide.

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